Dreaming of Food Justice on MLK Day

MLK quoteAs I’ve been working on the next iteration of The Take Out Window I’ve been considering how it can be an antidote to the industrialized food system. A system that makes it next to impossible to have a personal relationship with the growers, makers, sellers of our food. That’s missing for me. Maybe like many in my generation, I yearn to know the stories behind the vegetables, bread, eggs that come into my home every day. I have spent most of my life disconnected from these stories.

When I read this quote from nearly 50 years ago I was reminded of how that yearning could be filled by a new economic system. A new economic system where the relationship I have to the people and place that produced that thing I was consuming was JUST as important as the THING itself. In that relationship I  find a new concern and respect for the producer’s well-being on a financial, emotional, and spiritual front.

My dream for The Take Out Window is that it puts us, the North Oakland community, in closer relationship to each other through sharing food from our homes and our hearts. It becomes a whispering of a different kind of interchange of goods.

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