Fan Mail- Open Immediately

It seems fitting the day before my birthday I share some  reflective fan mail.

In February, I heard the socially engaged artist Pablo Helguera speak at The San Francisco Art Institute. Pablo began by reading, “It has been eight years and six months since I left my father’s kingdom.” Almost to the day, this is the amount of time since I left Ohio, the home of my forefathers.

I came to the mythical California to learn about myself. I thought that would be a short trip but as I celebrate 32 years I now see that can be trip that lasts a lifetime and I’m not sure if I will ever leave.

I wrote and will send Pablo this letter in a dying language. He collects dying languages in the most beautiful recording devices. I have included the letter below to test your knowledge of dying languages.

I love artists like Pablo. I am a fan because as a fan I am hopeful I too can make my living conducting social experiments and raising inappropriate questions.

Happy 32nd Birthday Maggie, to a long trip full of learning and creating.

Pablo HelgueraPablo Helguera envelope editiedPablo Helguera-dissapearing actNational Geographic July 2012

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