Berkeley City College – Multimedia Arts 
Berkeley, CA
Sept. 2009 –June 2011

University of Cincinnati – BA International  Affairs & French
Cincinnati, OH
Graduated Aug. 2004
Magna Cum Laude Honors (GPA: 3.78/4.0)
Interdisciplinary major with coursework in political science, history, economics, geography and foreign languages.


Artist, Oakland, CA
September 2008-Present

• Using a variety of medium, including photography, installation, and performance created a body of work exploring various themes linking the attitudes of past with the present, professionalism, women’s role in the workplace, identity, spirituality, and healing

The Heirloom Chef, Oakland, CA
Personal Chef and Founder
September 2009-Present

 The Heirloom Chef is a personal chef service inspired by food traditions that have been passed down for generations; time-honored dishes with a creative edge

• Works with clients in their homes. Does all grocery shopping, meal planning, and preparing family-style, health-conscious, organic, local, and seasonal dishes to meet their dietary needs (including gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian)

• Maintains strong relationships with local farmers, grocers, and food artisans to attain the freshest, highest quality ingredients including Hodo Soy, Full Belly Farm, Catalan Farms, and Berkeley Bowl

• Collaborates with clients to cater customized and intimate dinner parties (for up to 14 people)

• Teaches cooking lessons to individuals and group instructing them on how to buy and prepare seasonal recipes

Eye to Eye: art, travel, activism Oakland, CA
Co-founder and Arts and Community Education Director
September 2008-August 2010

Eye to Eye was a project that supported artists and social change makers in creating sustainable  businesses and art practices

• Secured project’s fiscal sponsorship

• Partnered with graphic designer for the creation of logo, website and name for organization

• Recruited team of educators and artists to serve as founding members

• Created structure and facilitated support group for artists and social change makers working on independent projects

• Created an underground restaurant and underground art gallery for participating Eye to Eye artists and surrounding community

• Served as a member of an Eye to Eye delegation to the Dominican Republic: met with Dominican non-profits and documented trip through photography

• Spring 2010 and Spring 2011 recruited and facilitated two 13-week Artist’s Way workshops



November 2009- Jerry Adams Gallery Student Show
Berkeley, CA
Dominican Hands, archival photo print


April 2010-Photographic Currents
Berkeley, CA
Ancestral Self Portrait II, archival photo print

May 2010-Eye to Eye Underground Art Gallery
Oakland, CA
Coordinated participating artists and installation

August 2010-La Pigna Neighborhood Association
San Remo, Italy,
Present, A3 photos, public installation

September 2010-InGiardino Sustainability Street Fair
Biella, Italy
Dystopia, public sculptural installation

October 2010- UNIDEE in Progress
Biella, Italy
Create a Sacred Secular Space, participatory installation

January 2011- Jerry Adams Gallery DAC Show
Berkeley, CA
Ancestral Self Portrait III, archival photo print

April 2011- The Womyn’s Art Show
Oakland, CA
Ancestral Self Portraits I,II,III, archival photo prints

May 2011-June 2011-Southern Exposure
San Francisco, CA
Altar to the Ancestors, installation
The Working Gal at The Cries of San Francisco, public performance

September 2011- Oakland Art Murmur
Oakland, CA
An Art Show for the Grandmothers, participatory installation

October 2011- mauve?
Berkeley, CA
How to Wear Mauve, installation and performance


March 2012-Wire + Nail Gallery
San Francisco, CA
The Brunch Remedy, installation and performance

November 2012-Studio of Maggie Lawson
Oakland, CA
The Takeout Window, participatory installation


May 2013-Studio of Maggie Lawson
Oakland, CA
The Takeout Window, participatory installation

November 2013, Noche de Los Muertos
Oakland, CA
We Belong to Each Other, participatory installation and altar


March 2014-Visual Activism Symposium with SFMoMA
San Francisco, CA
Special Snack for Radical Colophon, food performance

December 2014- Beyond the Corner of the Eye, San Francisco, CA
Sunday Supper Refelctive Space, Digital Print of Preformance


March 2015-Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
Healing Arts Collective, “Home”, Event & Performance

October 2015-58th & Telegraph Street, Oakland, CA
100 Strong, Street Installation & Performance

November 2015-Humanist Hall, Oakland, CA
Oakland Stock, Micro-granting Dinner for Artists


• Fluent in French and Spanish

• Practicing Meditator & Yogi

• Skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Photo Printmaking


University of Ideas International Artists Residency
Cittadelarte, Fondazione Pistoletto
Biella, Italy

Artist and Educator, International Resident
June 2010 – October 2010

• Fondazione Pistoletto is run around the theme of the founding artist Michelangelo Pistoletto’s commitment to an “art that is at the center of a responsible process of transformation of society”

• Participated in a 4-month artists’ residency collaborating with 14 other international professionals in the art field to create projects around the theme of socially responsible change in society and participated in workshops by international experts

• Produced an art education/art project, “Small Pieces of Your Truth”, both a game and workshop that uses creative activities to investigate the different identities of the players and the group


Art, Performance, and Odd Wares Rise Above Mid-Market Din in ‘The Cries of San Francisco’

by Larissa Archer

The Cries of San Francisco: Artists celebrate the call of the street peddler

by Sara Bernard

Crying in Public: Being brave through site-specific choreography on Market Street

by Matt Sussman

Food Artisan Interviews: 10 Questions for Maggie Lawson, The Heirloom Chef

by Lisa Melsted

Symposium-fest at SFMoMA
on Droste Effect by Olivia Fales

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