The Brunch Remedy

March 2012

As part of mauve’s group show, “Out to Lunch” artist-chef Maggie Lawson in collaboration with Eduardo Valadez Arenas created a site specific participatory performance piece and installation, The Brunch Remedy.

It began with an offer of a complimentary meal to assist two people in forming a meaningful (re)connection. Maggie and Eduardo believed that sharing food could heal or form a relationship.

They asked, “Who would you invite to an intimate brunch for two and why?”

They chose Alese’s enthusiastic proposal.

Alese, freelance Tarot reader was looking for a mentor. She said, “I have a quest in mind but I don’t know the road. I don’t really know what works and what doesn’t. In a mentor I’m looking for encouragement and feedback for the world I’m trying to enter.”

She chose to share her brunch with Rabbit, a successful business owner and Tarot reader in Oakland, CA. Many people had spoken highly of Rabbit to Alese.

The menu was created to reflect the four suites of the Tarot.

Cups: Tea Service
Wands: Asparagus Frittata
Swords: Tri-Color Kale Quinoa with Roasted Baby Carrots
Coins: Chilled Mango-Coconut Soup with Kiwi

As each course was served Alese and Rabbit read the plates as if they were tarot cards. The suites of each course led the conversation. For example, the final course, pentacles or coins, was all about business and money.

After the brunch, Alese was just as enthusiastic.

Read her review here.

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