Radical Colophon Treat

March 2014

Radical Colophon. Staged at different sites across the globe (Amsterdam, Seoul, Barcelona), Radical Colophon tackles the recent tendency to judge visual activist approaches from an ethical standpoint rather than an aesthetic one. Moreno’s events therefore place emphasis on artistic format, in this case taking the form of a food-mediated social performance. The site-specific theme? Gentrification. Moreno’s collaborator, Maggie Lawson, a local artist and chef, staged an act of appropriation to drive home the theme by turning a humble burrito into haute-cuisine by adding truffle oil, Spanish smoked paprika, and micro Swiss chard: yuppie embellishment at its finest. This served as a prompt for visitors to share their thoughts on gentrification at an open mic; listeners were encouraged to respond via Twitter using the hashtag #radicalcolophon. (A computer was provided for just this purpose.) With the Twitter feed being projected onto the gallery wall, the event felt like a multi-layered dialogue between speaker, Tweeter, and audience—physical and virtual. It was touching and revealing to hear personal battle stories about gentrification, an issue that resounds far beyond San Francisco’s borders.”

from “Symposium-fest at SFMoMA” The Droste Effect


2 thoughts on “Radical Colophon Treat

  1. Love this. Come do this in OTR!

    • marymargaret36 on said:

      Joe, I wish I could bring Anna Moreno to OTR but I can bring the same food performance concept home and would be thrilled to do it in the name of exploring a new gentrification where my people settled a few generations back. I’m back in November (arriving the eve of 11/22 leaving 11/28). I hear you’re curating these days. If you find a space and a stipend I’d be happy to develop something here and stage it in OTR!

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