Long Flight Home


July 2017
Guanajuato, Mexico

site specific installation, wax corn candles, chili powder, artisan produced ceramic swallows, embroidered ribbons in Spanish and English (by uniformes y bordados AREVA GTO), hand drawn swallow panels

Created during the Aguas Migrantes residency whose mission it is to connect artists to their communities through art by learning about the migration patterns, traditions and cultural productions of Guanajuato.

Artistic research for this project included creating a candle mold of organic corn in Berkeley, CA, a stone ground masa making workshop, teaching a meditation workshop for local mothers and their children in La Loma, Mexico, researching swallow migration patterns, cooking lunch for Central American migrants in a safe house in Irapuato, Mexico, and photographing corn vendors in open air markets in Moroleon, Mexico.

From the installation:

“En México hay miles de Las Lomas, pueblos medios vacíos por la inmigración”
“In Mexico there are thousand of villages like La Loma, half empty because of immigration”



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