The Takeout Window 2013

May 2013

The Takeout Window was so well attended and there was so much enthusiasm for the initial iteration in November 2012 that The Takeout Window had its second edition in May 2013. The Takeout Window Edition 2 included a food tour and neighborhood map by Chef Ikeena Reed. Chef Ikeena’s family had been in the neighborhood for four generations and she shared her family’s history as well as encouraged neighbors to share their stories. Historical photos of the neighborhood were included in the seating area looking at the progression of the neighborhood from the indigenous Ohlone to the 1990’s block party.

Next to the May 2013 Takeout Window were two boards used to record what neighbors wanted to give and find  in the community. The Takeout Window 2013 not only brought neighbors together but encouraged them to consider what they could collectively create for its future.


Posted on June 20, 2013 on a neighborhood list serve by one of The Takeout Window neighbor-cooks:

Hi everyone,

I am an architect in the neighborhood concerned about the increase in crime in the last several months. I wonder who of you are interested in having a pot luck /barbq at bushrod park or the other park on Dover which has the vegetable garden space.(…) 

By putting more fun and public events in place such as block parties, garage sales, flash mob barbq, full moon chocolate tasting, new moon astronomy 101, trading produce swaps, clothing swaps, park clean up parties, remodeling seminars, energy savings seminars, solar panel installation clinics, gardening clinics, Bushrod 30 min boot camp in the mornings, Bushrod 30 min bootcamp at night, and so on. 

Some of you have seen the take out window food / art project at the corner of poirier and shattuck. Totally a truly engaged community outing. Huge success and there will be more. I see people doing tai chi at the ball field but they are hundreds of feet apart…..they should form the bushrod tai chi group…..There are so many interesting people out there and we all have something unique and exciting to share with others. I believe this is key to getting back our hood without relying on city hall or the police department 100%. Being actively out in our streets is the best way to see what is going on. 

Joe from Bushrod said:

Please count me in! Myself, I’ve been longing for a little neighborhood kickball tournament in Bushrod sometime, and would love to hear what ideas other folks have.

p.s. Just want to echo the nod to Maggie’s awesomeness – looking forward to her next creation!!!!

One thought on “The Takeout Window 2013

  1. This is so great and the pics are beautiful. When’s the next Take-Out Window planned?

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