Small Pieces of Your Truth

October 2010-Present

“I am speaking my small piece of the truth, as best I can…[We] each have only a piece of the truth. So here it is. I’m putting it down for you to see if our fragments match anywhere, if our pieces, together, make another larger piece of the truth that can be part of the map we are  making together to show us the way to get to the longed for world.”

-Poet Minnie Bruce Pratt

This project is a series of creative activities/mini-projects that will be given to a group of participants during a nine-week workshop.  Each week, individuals do assignments on their own that focus on a different aspects of their identity, ranging from biologically determined identities such as gender to chosen identities, such as faith allegiances. They then bring their documentation back to share with the group. SPOYT aims to facilitate art making as personal reflective experience and art making as a group dialogue. Each participant will receive the assignments as a deck of cards with a wooden tangram.  The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The tangram puzzles are both symbols for actions involved in specific mini-projects and a method to stimulate the creative process needed to perform them.

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